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Perndorfer Hapro Technik ServoJet 4000 – SJ55


The cutting speed depends on the size of the water jet in use and the amount of the injected abrasive material.

In principle applies: the larger the diameter of the waterjet, the higher the speed!

On the other hand, the waterjet diameter depends on the flow rate and consequently, on the drive performance of the high-pressure pump.

 The goal in the industry is higher cutting speed, which requires more efficient high-pressure pumps. So far, with the available technology, this has always resulted in an increase of energy consumption as well.

 The ServoJet 4000 high-pressure pump by Hapro Technik, however, makes it possible to keep the energy consumption sustainably at a low level even in case of a high flow rate.

Advantages of ServoJet 4000

  • Efficiency of up to 98% by attaching/linking a plunger pump to the drive technology patented by Hapro Technik.
  • High liter performance of up to 8,4 l/min with a maximum required performance of 55kW
  • Replaces the 6000-bar technology – highest possible cutting speed by applying water jets of up to 2 x 0,4mm with low running costs
  • Pump adjusts itself automatically to the required flowrate – no parameterization is needed
  • no hydraulic system installed
  • no warm-up or start-up phase – ready to use instantly
  • the shortest possible adjustment time
  • pump works only if cutting valve is in use – longer maintenance intervals, no energy consumption when cutting valve is closed
  • no rise time – pressure is maintained between punctuations
  • permanent pressure control – no pressure fluctuation, resulting in up to 10% higher cutting speed than with pressure intensifier in comparable settings
  • Accumulator installed – more precise pressure – less wear and tear of circuits and water jets, perfect jet-formation
  • Constant cutting quality – wear and tear is compensated by adjusting the cutting pressure
  • Low and flexible energy intake – energy intake is calculated on and adjusted to the flowrate
  • Maximum electric fuse of 100A – suitable also to companies with low power supply
  • No reactive current due to servo drive
  • Extremely low noise level of 75dB
  • Direct drive – no maintenance and long service life
  • Constant supervision of the pump status with the help of sensors to detect the need of maintenance preventively and make it possible to plan ahead
  • operating status visible and modifiable with the help of a touch panel

Guarantee and warranty


According to our general terms and conditions we provide a guarantee of 24 months or 2000 hours of operation, excluding the usual wear pars.

The guarantee expires in case of:

  • Using other conditions than agreed on
  • Installing and using a bigger motor than specified on the data sheet of the motor
  • Damaging the seals on the safety devices
  • Using other than original Hapro Technik spare or accessory parts

In case of damage due to:

  • Improper use
  • Non-compliance to the instruction manual
  • Use for other than the intended mode and function
  • Use of inappropriate equipment or material
  • Inadequate installation
  • Faulty or non-professional installation of pipe- and hose-lines
  • Unauthorized changes or reconstructions
  • Cavitation (formation of air- or gas-bubbles)

In case of a potential warranty claim contact Hapro Technik

Construction and installation

The ServoJet 4000 is constructed to be self-sufficient. It can be used with any kind of waterjet-cutting equipment. The installation takes place by connecting it to the high-pressure system and the control unit. The process of the waterjet-cutting itself will not be changed by the installation.

ServoJet 4000 convinces by enabling a higher cutting speed while keeping the running costs low.

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