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Conventional high-pressure pumps

At the moment the pumps in use are based on the pressure intensifier principle. A stronger electric engine/motor operates/drives a hydraulic pump, which in turn drives/operates a large-surface hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder is linked/attached to a small-surface water-cylinder. As a result, the pressure is transmitted from hydraulic to water and is increased to the same extent. With the help of this technology a total efficiency of up to 60% can be achieved. It should be noted that the pump uses the total drive power as soon as it is switched on and the three-phase motor in use works continuously as well.

ServoJet 4000 – the new industrial standard

By applying the direct drive technology, which is included in ServoJet 4000, an energy saving of up to 40% can be achieved. This technology, patented by Hapro Technik, renounces the low-efficiency hydraulic and uses the economical and high-efficiency servo-drive technology instead. The pressure intensifier is replaced by a three-piston plunger pump, which is operated by a servo-drive.